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Unceasing interest in food and experimental cooking led to the creation of the company Ástrík poppkorn. 
The first portions of caramel popcorn were made in the domestic pots on the stove at home, and then the real production began in Matís' food factory. Now we have our own factory at Suðurlandsbraut 4a. 
We have kept our recipe the same since the beginning and use the same good ingredients that we started working with. The production requires a lot of precision and care, but we believe that this is precisely the key to our success.


Only quality ingredients

At Ástrík popkorn, only the best possible ingredients are used. We import our popcorn from the South of France, they are non-genetically modified and produced to strict quality standards. We make sure they are stored in the right light and temperature so they keep their quality here at home.

The caramel on the popcorn is cooked from scratch with great precision, but for the caramel to have a good texture, every touch and timing is extremely important.

We use Icelandic sea salt, herbs and butter in the caramel and don´t use any additives. It is therefore very important that the caramel popcorn always leaves our factory brand new, and that is why we produce the popcorn to order.

Popcorn for the party


Popcorn is great for parties! You can put several different flavors in beautiful containers and set up a popcorn bar, where everyone can serve themselves what they like. We also offer special packaging for larger events and parties.

"The caramel is made from simple ingredients that
gives it a better taste." 

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